Good Afternoon:
Thank you in advance for taking the time to review this proposal from GolfStyles.

Like the magazine itself, the proposal is unique in that there is no outlay of cash from Austad's Golf.

It guarantees an immediate return on investment through the redemption of Austad's Golf gift cards and it includes print advertising, event sponsorship, Web and other e-based advertising and editorial support.

Under the umbrella of GolfStyles Media Group, the GolfStyles brand continues to be the nation's premier regional golf magazine with publications in the Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New Jersey, Ohio and Atlanta markets.

The combined print and digital circulation of the five markets approaches 500,000. Entering its 18th year, the GolfStyles brand also includes specialty publishing and popular, unique golf events through the GolfStyles Tournament Series.

One of those events is the Player's Series which I am proposing that Austad's Golf sponsors. Briefly, the Player's Series, which GolfStyles created in 1998, is similar in nature to the Golf Channel's Amateur Tour sponsored by Dick's Sporting Goods. Players earn weekly prizes in the form of gift cards and earn points to qualify in the year end Player's Series Championship.

The gift cards are at the heart of the proposal since it will drive traffic to your Web site and take away share from local competitors like Golfdom, PGA Tour Superstore, Golf Galaxy and Dick's.

In return, GolfStyles will purchase $16,000 in gift cards for $5,000 cash in increments of $100, $50 and $25, redeemable in stores or online. The cards will be used as prizes in the Player's Series.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I'd be happy to answer any additional questions.

Doug McDaniel
Associate publisher
GolfStyles Media Group